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stations it's right behind this house and neighborhood -- this towson neighborhood but people say it is not been a good neighbor. >> look at it. >> less than believe is the effect of years of underground fuel contamination from this gas station on joppa road to homes in lockraven village. 60 homes have not been bought by has -- by hess and are expected to be demolished. it is part of a legal settlement between those home owners and hess. >> i would have preferred some steps earlier by the gasoline company to deal with this. >> they started investigating a fuel leak in 1987 the underground storage tanks at the hess. those tanks were removed in 1991 and a liquid fuel has been detected since 1995. but the department says there are still low levels of fuel contamination in the ground water, resulting in a continued some -- continued reports of gas odors. >> you can smell it right here. >> none of the home owners who settled with talk to us but we did talk to this man and his nephew who were not included in the settlement because they were told they contamination stopped 5 feet from th
mat? matters? joel d. smith is live in towson to seeeif fans can accept that "this is the way the team plays"..... good morning joelld. (ad lib) when can we dominate a team? team? dommnateea team? team? when can we (aa lib) when can we dommnate aateam? team? p it looked that way at first... ray rice... anything but fancy!!! ray rrce we've never ray rice we've never bben fancy, we've never been a prrtty kind of team. we always ffnd ourselvessat the top at the end./ 4900 joe: deal wiih it. it's how well frussration, go backkout there and picc yourself up? up? the rrvens next ccme home to take the ravens next the ravens next come home to take on the raiiers... then in 2 weeks ts a showdown pith pittssurgh. piitsburgh.a showdown with then in 2 weeks its on the raiders... comm home to take the ravens next the raaens next come home to take on the aashowdown with pittsburgh. live in towson , joel d. smith fox 45 3 cominn up on the early edition... addressinggvoting issues... on lectionnday. day.the growing importance of 3 ((bbeak 1)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) ((t
is at 42 right now. and as we go into towson we are at 40 and hickory at 39. so you know what this means, you need to bundle up as you head out the door this morning and even as we go into the afternoon we are going to be on the cool side. the chilly side and we can see the planner bringing us to 50 degrees by lunchtime. and we are going to see improving conditions as we go into the weekend. stay tuned for that. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: it's friday and we get an extra hour sleep on sunday. doesn't get better than that. if you are traveling north baltimore be aware of a water main break on york road. traffic is reduced to just one northbound lane right now here at cold spring lane and you are looking live at repairs that are underway. southbound travel is now being redirected but if you are headed to the area you want to stick with charles street or 83 as an alternate. no word on when this will be fixed. traveling on the beltway this morning, as we check in and look here at harford road actually in parkville, no problems to report. inner loop c
reviews the case internally. >> a chill in the air. look at the temperatures now dropping. 3345 in towson. 36 in wrest minister. 3 in rock hall. under a generally clear sky. falling temperatures overnight, below freezing by daybreak tomorrow. satellite radar perspective. we're in a clear patch but a little bet of mid-level, high level cloud cover coming in. no precipitation but it will keep temperatures up. the rest of the evening we're in the 40s. by daybreak tomorrow temperatures will be very cold. frost by 6 a.m. we'll talks about the changes on the way by friday. maryland's most accurate forecast coming up. >> now pan update to the breaking news we brought you on good morning maryland. a reisterstown woman is at the bay view burn center. fire officials said they were called to the home on blake court early this morning and found the home with flames pouring out of both floors. >> the firefighters, considering the second floor was 100% involved. they found her in one of the bedrooms upstairs. the roof structure collapsed on the second floor. >> about 65 firefighters were called to the
control. numerous calls to 911 reveal police have their hands full. >> a huge bite out front. >> towson library. >> a huge bite out front. >> they used canines to push the crowd south. the mob would reform. police reports indicate the problem started when the theater began turning people away from a charity event sponsored by a fraternity. the owners closed the doors when it reached the 600 capacity. the crowd broke the doors trying to get in. the owners used a bullhorn to tell them the event was sold out. no one listened. several people were observed laughing at him. he asked for police assistance. when the capacity crowd left, it created a second way. the multitude swelled to 2500 people. bottles breaking added to the cacophony. at least one person was cut but refused treatment. police advised business owners to close for safety and keep patrons inside until order was restored. shots rang out near towson circle. the victim had just left the theater and was walking to his car when he was shot twice. police reports indicate the unruly crowds surrounding officers to prevent them from int
then they surrounded me" it was a terrifying enccuuttr at this towson apaatment compllx last year.a teen accosted by a gang of men 18:53:29"i was ery scaaed"men who kkocked him to ground, and broke his jaw18::1;01"thye were stomping my face"the proteetiin because one of his assaillnts is at large, is &pstill hhunted y the attack. 18:51:56"i feel hat it's going to happen again all the timeebbt he's evennmore troublld about why theethieves sinnled him out in the irst place...his iphone18:51:22 "they knew it was the phone they thought it was the phone and that'' whh they assaulted me"it'ssa crime that's becoming more common.violent rooberies aiied at smart phone users. 18:35:27"anything that is high value, thieves could potennially uss to pawn." last week two teenn knocked a man to the ground in broad dayllnght right across the street from the towson courthouse. their target, his smart phone.18:37:100if you're out in publli maae sure that if omeone aaprooahs yyu and wants tt take your phone youu you ommly."it's a crime made eeen more attractive, by thh rising value of smart phones technolgy
along. no delays towards towson. that's your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. >>> a lot more coming up on good morning maryland at 5. >> including the snack you eat before heading off to bed could be affecting the amount of sleep you get. the food doctors recommend thatwill help you sleep better at night. >> plus, you consider your job to be the best. which ones landed in the top five and why. >>> checking stories that we are working on for you this morning making headlines around the nation he's sold year who survived fort hood shooting massacre and is honoring the other victims. chief warrant officer christopher royal is running 70 miles from the gates at fort hood to the texas capital in austin. and he says -- capitol in austin and he says he are during it for the men who were hurt when major opened fire. >> because of the illness of ptsd a lot of the soldiers are out of work. they have anger issues. and so they are not able to hold down jobs right now and these guys were national guard and reservists. as i tried to go back he saw me for the second time and that's when he
towards 95. the beltway will remain in great shape from parkville all the way up to towson, and if you are using the northeast corridor of 95 in white marsh no delays in route 43 to the beltway. that a look at your abc2 time saver traffic. >>> it's 5:31 right now. they are the men and women we turn to in emergency situations. this morning emergency responders from maryland are heading to new jersey to help storm victims. linda so is joining us right now. and how's the city pitching in? >> reporter: they're sending their own emergency personnel to help storm victims in new jersey, two ambulances, an suv and five people are heading up from baltimore. they left at 5 this morning from the public safety training academy on northern parkway. this is video of the crew getting ready about an hour ago. they packed up and loaded up the ambulances with emergency supplies, things like bandages back boards and splints. once they get to new jersey, atlantic county, they will be responding to 9-1-1 calls and doing anything to help out. they're heading to atlantic county, an area devastated by the sto
up to towson of the west side of the beltway also going to be in great shape. looking at an 11 minute ride normal conditions on the outer loop from 795 down to 95. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic now over to you. >> developing story leader in washington right now trying to figure out who knew what and when about david petraeus sudden departure from the cia. >> they are trying to determine what happens next and linda so is here with all new developments. what have you learned. >> reporter: we learned eric kantor knew about the affair in -- kantor knew about the affair and he talked to the fbi about the affair in late october. the affair may have remained secret if it were not for the threatening e-meals his lover -- e-mails his lover sent to another woman a wipe wife of a tampa surgeo and support of the military contacked the fbireceiving the threatening e- mails which was traced back to paula broadwell who petraeus was allegedly having a affair with. she is a married mother of two and wrote a biography of petraeus and says she shirred over the mental and physical discipli
and supplies for hurricane sandy storm victims..... victims..... ii downtown towson ffod trucks collected everything from cash donntions..... canned goods........clothes and first charcoal.... we talked with a live in new jjrsey ....she talks about the devvstation and how many of her friends ann family members are still strugglingg...//take sot// (9:42)its total deeastation the infrastructure is completely gone the families are running out oo food and basic supplies which s the puupose of this drive is today to bringgit directly to the families we've had to relocate the families a second time more up nooth because the shelters are not reachable ... ... the donations will be taken to two firehouses near the newwjersey seaside. its been allost wo weeks since superstorm sandy knocked coast homess.... and as st - politicians promise full restoration by the end of the weekend...... cristina mutchler shows us why some residents are shaking their hea. heads. naas: what doowe ant? power! when do we want it? now!! pfter toughing it ouu through supersttrm sandy and llst week's nor'easte
towards towson. that is going to be the good news, if you are traveling the rest of the beltway, no problems to report on the west side, you are looking at normal conditions, 11 minutes on the outer loop, 795, down to 95, everything up to speed through fort mc henry tunnel. 8 minutes from 695 to the toll plaza. >>> this morning, a baltimore city police officer has been suspended over allegations of sexual misconduct. sherrie johnson is live this morning at police headquarters with more on the case. >> reporter: we are here live at city police headquarters, last night the new police commissioner, held a news conference talking about the alleged misconduct of an officer. this happened yesterday, a 39 yield officer worked out of the north western district on reisterstown road w the department for 13 years and now he is facing possible criminal charges, in connection with an incident involving an 1 year old woman. -- 18 year old woman. commissioner bat used the term sexual misconduct and said the crime occurred while the officer was on duty. it could indicate that the 18 year old wo
rain in some areas. this is what this looked like in towson. >> this is what this looks like right now in bel air. the skies are clear. the road looks pretty dry. >> meteorologist wyatt everhart is standing by from the storm center with a look at what we chan expect. kind of a mixed bag. >> a big day of changing weather. we see fasting -- faster weather pattern. now dry conditions across the state with one exception. the southeastern corner of the state, even salisbury, a little bit of precipitation. winds from the north. it is a chilly wind coming in. wind chill already feeling like 30s across much of the state, including easton where you feel like 39. clear and cold by daybreak and brief frost. take about any signs of a warmup later on coming up. >>> now to daniel borowy. the teen was shot in the perry hall high school cafeteria on the first day of school. >> now the young man is focused on giving back. we have more on what's happening tonight and how you can help. >> so far, guys, 50 people have moved through the blood drive here at perry hall high school. the american red cross sai
. this is what 695 looks like at harford road. no concerns getting up towards towson or traveling the inner loop towards 95. that's a look at your traffic. megan and charley over to you. >>> news time 4:3 #. there's new information this morning -- 4:32. there's new information around the scandal of david petraeus. the fbi and justice department knew in late summer that petraeus was having an affair. no one outside the fbi was notified until last because the investigation was incomplete and there were concerns about possible security breachesch the entire -- breaches. the entire scandal unraveled when jill kelly received an e- mail she considered to be a threat to her and the cia director. >> the initial complaint was harassment that possibly could have gone to e-mail hacking but there was no substive information that this had anything to do with national security. >> that e-mail was traced back to petraeus the biographer paulabroadel with a and details that talked about their affair. he says it didn't happen until after he retired august 2011 days before he he became the c a director. >>> there
from 795 to interstate 706789695 will bein great shape from parkville to towson. that's the abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. >>> there are no words of gratitude strong enough for veterans, the sacrifices are emense and today we will honor them for everything that they have done for us. sherrie johnson is live to tell you how to observe veteran's day. >> reporter: yes, we are here live at mount vernon square right here where a little bit later this morning a number of people will gather down here for the third annual veteran's day march and ceremony. today's not just a day off work it's a time to remember those who served our condition dry -- country and who are still serving. stephanie rawlings-blake will be on hand for this event starting at 9 this morning right here at mount vernon square where it will wind downtown. the mayor will lead a march of dignitaries from the washington monument to the actual ceremony. there will be a formal ceremony at the war memorial plaza. a number of streets will be closed this morning because of the parade starting at 7 a.m. work see -- w
-- at american legion post 22 in towson. the advent honored all veterans who passed away in the maryland health care system this past year. >> this ceremony would remember those veterans that have passed away. trying to remember those of given their time, their service, for our country. they might not have been the ones who died in action. that is what we reserve memorial day for but this is a service try to remember better and to observe and have now entered our everlasting life. >> there are a number of veterans day events planned for tomorrow all across maryland. looking for answers. some members of congress have questions about former cia director david petraeus' resignation. where they will be looking for answers. and a computer expert gets a sentence for his role of leaking a confidential document. more on that from vatican city. >> the ravens hoping for a big win over the raiders. a preview of tomorrow's game. >> when you think about the fact of what they have going for them at home, they are playing the raiders to are as deep as can be. their top running back is not available -- who are
for the man who killed a towson student. he took a plea deal in september. the 22-year-old matt chesswick was crossing the street when he was hit. the driver was charged with manslaughter. he will be sentenced today. >>> the army private accused of leaking government documents to wiki leaks will plead guilty for a lesser charge. it was offered during a hearing. even if the court accepts the offer, he could still receive life in prison. he has chosen to be tried by a military judge not a jury. >>> aaa reports one out of 7 licensed drivers between 16 and 24 have admitted to falling asleep behind the wheel. and it found the drivers are more likely to be involved in cruisie driving crashes. aaa wants to press the issue since next week is drowsy driving prevention week. >>> i am wearing a special tie that was designed by mya harris and lost her battle with cystic fibrosis. >> while she was there, she loved to draw. >> one was put on a tie as part of the collection of miracle ties. we're live at the shops in towson to tell us about the ties and the kids who designed them a lot are with you, lin
high. laurel, st. vincent where we have a sapphire sky. the shot from dan rosen in towson. temperature wise, 40s and 30s, a few 30s in western maryland. we'll be cooling off a little more rapidly. last night we had the clouds around. it works to insulate us a little bit so we don't drop off as sharply. tonight will be crystal clear. we'll cool off rapidly. any weather maker at all. i don't see too much. we have the coastal system that will sit off of the carolinas. it will sit here and spin. the possibility of a stray shower maybe southeastern maryland down into virginia perhaps by monday into tuesday but this doesn't look like much. the bulk will stay offshore. has we look to the west, there's nothing. there's a big huge dome of high pressure. this will keep us high and dry through the weekend, hoping to keep that coastal system offshore, big bubble. this cold air mass will moderate. back in the 50s. you see the coastal low. >> the leonid shower. 53, mostly sunny, mid-50s, some sunshine. it's gorgeous, just a bit on the cool side. as we take a look beyond that some slight changes by t
see our interview tonight on wbal plus at 10:30. for the towson tigers, a big hope of change and outcome. by night on the road at charleston. a year ago, towson had a 1-31 record. the tigers wrapped up a 44-game losing streak. and the season brings completely new expectations for the coach. >> i want to win all the games. i don't know if we can. we are going to find out. our plan is to have a really good year. we will try to treat every game as if they are playoff games. >> tom is back with a seven-day forecast, right after this. >> people are packing the polls here in maryland and around the country to exercise their right to vote. we will have the latest on important state races plus the statewide ballot questions. a washout in store? we will check on the forecast. these stories and much more on >> a beautiful day to day. storm on the coast, enough off shore that we have about a 50% chance of some rain or snow showers. the closer to the coast to get, the more wind and rain you will have to deal with. lowell melser is monitoring the situation in ocean city. it looks like so
in towson right now. temperatures will remain chilly as we go throughout the day. we can see the lunchtime temperature coming in at 49 degrees. and the high will be at 51 that's below average. let's get a check of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. off to another chilly start and unfortunately we are dealing with the crash up in parkton on 83 along the northbound lanes at york road. but here in hunt valley, everything will be up to speed. no problems driving from shawan to southbound nice and clear to the beltway. looking at abc2 timesaver traffic drip drive times beltway in great shape. looking at normal conditions just 11 minutes on the outer loop from 795 all the way down to 95. no problems to report on 695 from parkville all the way up to towson and if you are traveling on 95, the fort mchenry tunnel is nice and clear and if you are in columbia it's going to take you 12 minutes to travel northbound all the way into the city. that's a look at your traffic. megan and birthday boy back to you. >> this morning a former maryland state trooper is being ha
and linda so is live in towson at one of the early voting centers and linda it's been pretty busy for the past several days hasn't it? >> reporter: it has. people waited in line for hours. we are here at the administrative building at towson university and you can tell by looking at this hill we are getting so close to election day. today is the last day for early voting polls polls will open at 8 and stay open for 13 hours and close at 9 tonight. this is what it looked like last night at rammeddalstown community center. the line wrapped around the building. some -- randallstown community center. the line wrapped around the building. more than 267,000 voters have cast their ballot early since polling centers opened in maryland. hurricane sandy forced early voting to be canceled on monday and tuesday but it seems voters are now making up for lost time. >> it's a privilege. and maybe because of my age, but like i told you, being 94 i don't know when i will do this again for a president. so i did it today and my wife was with me. >> reporter: a lot of people making sure they are gett
the fastest way to put their universities on the map. this was unheralded towson university, preparing in baton rouge, louisiana, to play powerhouse lsu in what is known as a "guarantee" game. towson was guaranteed a half million dollars to show up, and also guaranteed to lose, on national tv, no less. before the game, we spoke to towson athletic director mike waddell. why subject your team to this? >> mike waddell: there'll be more people watching this game tonight than perhaps have ever watched anything to do with towson university in our history, going back 146 years. >> keteyian: but then a funny thing happened on the way to the slaughter. the sacrificial lambs didn't lie down. with five minutes to go in the first half, the nobodies from north baltimore led mighty lsu, 9-7. but at halftime, towson head coach rob ambrose wasn't gloating. >> rob ambrose: any of you sons of bitches that are smiling because you think we did something, i'm going to kill you. it's a 15-round fight, not five. you got it? >> yes, sir! >> ambrose: what the hell are we waiting for? let's go! >> keteyian: lsu
still in first joel d. smith is live in ut - towson to get the pulse of the fans... and that pulse rate was getting pretty high there in the fourth quarter oel d. 3 hey guys... this is the officiil way that head coach john harbaugh says theeteam played.... eh eh... most would agree... let's look at why... (first td) ray rice.... browns field goal6 ssraiggt 3 ann outs... torrey smith... pwitt the ravens you get a liitle bit f everything.... the ravens next come hhme tt take on the raiders... then in 2 weeks its a showdown with pittsbbugh. live in towson, joel d. 3 1 year old chloe is by looking adorablee show us your can upload photos and videos to us through purple -at -fox bbltimore -dot- ccm.and you &p"see it shoot it send it" pag at foobbltimore dot com.or you canngo to our facebook ppge.. facebook dot om slash &pfoxbaltimore... clickkon "inside fox45." coming up... charleen brush still asn't called!she only has 5 minutes left tooclaim her 100 dollar viia gift card caadif sse doesn't claim her &pprize.. we're drawing another you're winner.. nnxt. you'
in parkville at hartford road, no problems to report heading up towards towson. >>> many of you the lights are back on and you're waking up in a warm house this morning. bge says they have restored power it more than 90% of customers in the area. the company has thousands of employees right now trying to get the job done. that includes nearly 2,000 out of state workers brought in from maryland to help. they hope to have everybody's power back on by friday night. >>> the video and pictures from new york and new jersey are reminders of how bad things could have been for us here in maryland. this morning we're sending help. and linda so joins us right now. i know a lot of people are wondering what can i do. what kind of assistance is heading up north. >> baltimore city is sending two ambulances a total of five emergency personnel to atlantic county. they will be leaving on northern parkway any minute now. they're on their way to flooded our areas in new jersey where homes are destroyed. they'll be joined by several other medics in maryland to help with the recovery. they're stocked with banda
in with no relief. >> students are helping the victims. how towson is getting involved. >>> meet an excited young man and why he is so happy. he is excited to see the president around four more years. like a lot of things, trying to find a better job can be frustrating. so at university of phoenix we're working with a growing list of almost two thousand corporate partners - companies like microsoft, american red cross and adobe - to create options for you. not only that, we're using what we learn from these partners to shape our curriculum. so that when you find the job you want you'll be a perfect fit. let's get to work. >>> who is the president. >> obama. >> yeah. >>> he has some moves. he could not vote for the president but he is excited the president was reelected. she tried putting them back to sleep. but he is too excited. he went to bed around 1:00. slept through the victory speech. >> it will feel like a heat wave. in the mid-60s as we go into the forecast. we have another cold day on tap. the radar not picking up much in terms of wet weather. and look at this break in the clouds. right
a towson student in a crash will be sentenced today. he took a plea deal. this is back in september. the 22-year-old matthew chesswick was crossing the street when he was hit. he was drunk at the time of the crash. he was charged with manslaughter and leaving the scene of an accident. >>> and when you are taking your kids to school think of this. just after 7:30 yesterday, father was dropping off his child at the children our blessing from above daycare center. he left his car running with his 7-year-old son inside. when he came back the car and son were gone. a few blocks away at hamilton his son was found on the sidewalk. the car is still missing this morning. >>> and this does not ease the pain we know what caused a fire that killed a grandmother and her grandchildren. it was caused by materials stored too closely to a furnace. there was no evidence thats smoke detector in the home. >>> you will be blowing on our dice and heading to the horseshoe. and in supporter harrahs it will be horseshoe baltimore. it is supposed to offer a more up scale experience. it will be under the name of the
on the jfx. everything will be up to speed traveling through fort mc henry and harbor tunnel. 695, towson, everything moving along here at delaney valley road. no problems up to 83. >>> here we go, a water main break, causing more problems again in baltimore city, this one in mount vernon. >> once again, the city's aging infrastructure is blamed. linda so is live with the latest on the break. >> reporter: crews made progress, you can see in the hole, fixing the broken section. they removed the broken section of this water main, and right now, they are smoothing out the edges, making way for the new pipe to come. when the crew comes in around 8:00 a.m., they will be replacing it. i want to tell you this, this is a 30-inch main that broke on madison in mount vernon yesterday. homes and businesses lost water. mercy hospital had low water pressure it had to deal with. this is the fourth water main break in two weeks. this is the aging infrastructure. water mains, like this one, could date back to the 1800s. it's not the beginning stages of the plan to speeds up the amount of water main it rep
will allow conditions to cool off rapidly. 28 in towson, westminster down to 28. frost from northwest to southeast ward. winds have died down after a day of gust. we have a five to 10 miles an hour breeze. over night skies stay clear. and by midday we'll be warmer. how things develop through the end of the week, coming up. >>> we need more money, that's what people are saying in the aftermath of superstorm sandy. they are asking for more federal aid. hoping for a quick response from the president. >>> we have more breaking news to tell you about. police are at the scene of a deadly car accident. on the 900 block of deer park road. one person has died and others are trapped. >>> the folks you are about to meet see those accidents too much. it is dangerous, deadly, people drive too fast and the county needs to do more to fix it. that's what the county is saying. if you live on this road you met tonight with the police and the highways and they showed a survey taken in september, most residents said the road is a problem. there were complaints. cars running into people's homes. >> we wan
hager, abc2 news. >>> man who killed a towson university student in a drunken hit and run will spend fife years behind bars. he was sentenced in worster getting the sentence after pleading guilty to manslaughter and leaving the scene of an accident involving a death. he hit a 22 year old, as he was crossing coastal highway in ocean city over memorial day weekend. the parents spoke saying they forgive the sun has been shining all day, thank goodness, and warming up, some people went outside without the coats. nice day out there. this guy has shorts on. >> some people do that all year around. >> in the snow. >> all we care about is whether this milder weather is going to last through the weekend when we get to enjoy it. let's head over to mike masco. >>> we are going in the up direction. two degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. to the west, a good warming trend, 6-9 degrees warmer than yesterday evening. we are good, going in the good direction, up direction, starting to see the temperatures rise. here is the shot downtown, it's beautiful, temperatures across town are in to the 40s and 50
found almost 500 movies and able to rule out the friend. >>> virginia man who hit and killed a towson student in ocean city will spend five years in prison. he was drunk when he hit 22 year old matthew as he crossed coastal highway on memorial day weekend. he got a 10 year sentence. he got five years probation. his mother says she has forgiven him and hopes he can turn his life around. >>> it's dry. milder than yesterday afternoon. we will be milder tomorrow. take a look, clear skies, overhead, radar b 48 towson, rock hall, below 50, 50 towards the west. they will trade this for the 30s tonight. chilly for the we were suburbs, limits, dropping in to the 30s for tonight. 46 through the evening, cool, a chilly mid night temperature of around 40 degrees in town. 37 waking up to around 60 for tomorrow. while we are at 52 in the city. memphis 70 degrees, could it be beach weather. we will have the seven-day forecast in a little bit. >>> large bus fill with supplies to help families of the hurricane victims. they were delivered to the crab capital of the world. it's hard to forget people in
breeze. towson at towson west elementary not too far off charles avenue we found sunshine. if you're outside you will want to stop in the sun. still a north breeze tonight. that's going to help push temperatures down more rapidly under a generally crystal clear. wind chills in the 30s to the west and south toward hagerstown and patuxent river. actual air temperatures, bel air, baltimore, temperatures near freezing. tomorrow bouncing back mid to upper 40s. then back to freezing levels once again. again running the heater, no question about. that satellite radar view showing a few clouds blowing in out of the west. high thin clouds. we will stay dry. a dry setup, enough of a boundary sneaking through tomorrow that perhaps you'll see a little more in the way of additional cloud cover. we'll be watching for that and a bit of a s the jet stream is taking a big dip and is well offshore. as we go through the next 24 to 48 hours, the core will shift further north allowing us to dry out and warm up a little bit by friday. then we're watching for a coastal system that will develop off of so
that to get into the city this morning, 11 minutes from towson to downtown baltimore. 695 going to be in great shape as we check in and take a look on the west side at liberty road every thing is moving along no delays heading down to 95. and this is what the belt we looks like in parkville at harford road no delays heading up towards toeson. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. >>> election day is here and today voters head to the polls to pick the next president of the united states. and after months of campaigning, both candidates can now see the finish line that race to the white house. >> the president will hold his election night party in chicago. we have details on what both candidates are doing today to prepare. >> reporter: # this election is upon us after -- this election is now upon us following 7 months campaigning three presidential debates and record political spending of 6 billion dollars. now it's in the voters hands. president op.m. and mitt romney made a final pitch in the 11th hour swing. >> we prosper when everybody gets a fair shot and everybody i
corporation and some towson residents...but not everyone is happy bout it.residents that live near this hess gas station on jjppa road filed a lawsuit claiming the gas station ccntaminated their homes aafee an underground the settlement.... hess is of buying 8 of he homes aan demmlishing them to make rrom for green space. but a behind the gas station says hh's nottsatisfied after he's company. "i have neverrhad no results, nobody's ever come back and ssii this has tested positive this is negative. none of that." that."the man won't be a part of the settlement because he was told his home was 5-feet short of being part of the &pdeal.thoss homes nearbyywill be demollshed in the spring. 5-hundred volunteers joined together in northwestt neighbor day. today volunteers helpee seniors nd adults with disabiliiies improve their homes and get ready forrwinter. "we'vee ot peoole puuting plastic up on windows of installing co and smokk detectors thhy're checking the batteries we've got peoplee poing safety skids and makkng sure that they're safe inn their home and of course we've got all ource of y
piling up at towson presbyterian church, and despite the wait, voters were in good spirits, and happy to be exercising their right to vote. >> it's really great to see everybody care, and it's an effort to be here. the line, as you see, it snake around, but everybody is here because they want to be here. like they want people to know that they voted. >> and at polls places across the area, most people seem to be echoing the same sentiment. they're just happy to be out there and casting their vote on election day. >> the disney world line, huh? >> yeah. >> we're going to take you up to martin county, where the kids are making an impact on the poll. here are students at beautiful bellaire. they were raising money for superstorm sandy victims. >> they're too young to vote, but not too young to make a big difference. >> these kids baked their hearts out, and the donation pails are full, and they're filling bellies as they wait for the polls. >>> abc 2 will be live with the senator & as part of our abc 2 election night coverage. and one of those trying to unseat the senator, dan bethea was
in downtown baltimore linda so abc2 news. >>> santa claus is coming to towson. old st. nick say risk today going to get his holiday home at towson town center later this morning and there's going to be special performances and give aways for children to kick off the holiday season. and the avenue in white marsh will be decked out for the holidays beginning tonight. festivities start at 6 with a musical performance followed by santa's arrival at 7 to light the christmas tree. once that is lit santa visits the children and be available for pictures. our very own jamie costello is the master of ceremonies tonight at the event. >>> we wear purple as ravens make their way to steel city and sunday night's game won't look like the ones in years past. no ray, no webb and no big ben. roethlisberger has a dislocated rib he suffered last week. ravens lead the steelers by one game in the afc northern division. kick off sunday night is set for 8:20. >>> tis the season to give and ray rice is getting into the holiday spirit by helping stuff a bus for the maryland food bank. from 5 until 8 drop off food
with towson. helps when you have a guy like be terrence west. this kind of clutch effort. blue hens to answer, they had none. fourth and 10. hurley. under pressure. nowhere to throw it. throws it anyway. jordan love. game-sealing interception. towson, another huge win over delaware. johns hopkins lost. we don't often say that. 14- 12, your final at franklin and marshall. morgan state played another tough game but came up short. the 124th meeting between city and poly today at m and t bank stadium. city earned its first win over them since 2007. also today, mock do notting -- mcdonogh knocked off loyola. and big game from a newcomer here, tony donatelli. three goals and an assist in his debut. i think he will stick. and millwood, another rock-solid performance. two more home games next week. please play with us. it's oysternomics 101. you start with a u.s. senator named ben. by helping restore thousands of acres of oyster beds, he kept hundreds of oystermen on the job... which keeps wholesalers in business... and that means more delivery companies... making deliveries to more restaurants... wh
, no problems from parkville to towson , the west side, nice and clear, looking at a normal drive time of 11 minutes, to travel the outer loop from 795, towards 95. >>> gas is still scarce in storm averaged areas. coming up, we will tell you how some drivers are dealing with tension and frustration as they wait for hours to fill up. >> do you hate the thought of balancing the your checkbook, the pain that comes from simple math, coming up. >>> many areas are still without power, meaning trouble for electronic voting machines. storm victims heavily focused on the damage, many may stay away all together in a county with less than 25% of voter turnout. officials could ask the board for second day of voting. the unusual clause in new york state law has never been used. >>> signs of the damage is everywhere, with the election taking place tomorrow, we wanted to find out how people affected by the storm of sandy, what they will do about the vote. >> reporter: voting is on my mind, even though i'm living in the mess. i am who i am. >> is voting the last thing on your mind? >> it's not really -- i'm
, temperature in towson, 38 degrees, 37 owings mills and we are at 38 degrees now in clarksville. as we go in to the afternoon, temperatures are not going to warm up so much. we are going to stay dry for today. we can look at the most powerful radar, all the sweeps on, scanning the skies, not a lot to scan, this is the trend for today, and also tomorrow. we will begin to see some change in the forecast, and the turns of a nor'easter, affecting us wednesday and thursday. this is what we can expect planning today. lunchtime 48 degrees, 50 and breezy by 3:00 p.m. >>> the race for the white house is nearing the finish line. >> president barack obama and governor mitt romney are focusing on states expected to decide the outcome and barn storming since friday. >> t am on is in boston. >> reporter: good morning, today is the final day of campaigning, both sides say they can win. mitt romney hits up five states today. republican challenger, mitt romney, is closing the campaign, promising voters bipartisanship and real change. >> i will find the men and women on both sides of the aisle, who care mo
traffic, drive times, 695, in great shape, parkville, up to towson, over on the west side, taking you the typical 11 minutes to travel from 795, towards 895. that's a look at the traffic. >>> day away from election day, when marylanders will go to the polls to not only decide the next president, but also a number of key issues concerning our state. >> one of the ballot issues is question six. sherrie johnson is live this morning, with more on the final push. >> we are live here in federal hill where the governor will be here at 11:00 this morning, talking in favor of question 6. question 6 deals with same-sex marriage. there has been controversy over the question for the past several months with some clergy speaking out against it, when martin o'malley signed the act in march , the laws affective date was pushed to january, giving opponents time to petition the question onto the ballot. a vote for the law would allow it to go in to effect and allow same sex couples to get married and make maryland the 7th strait in addition to columbia to approve marriage equality, not forcing clergy
from parkville to towson. it's going to take you 11 minutes to travel the outer loop from 95 to 83. and the west side going to be nice and clear, an 11 minute ride traveling that outer loop from 795 down towards 95. over to you. >>> the skies over at bwi are busy once again, thousands of flights were grounded earlier this week due to the storm. the airport is back up and running as normal. sandy caused thousands of flight cancellations to and from destinations along the east coast. laguardia will reopen this morning. it suffered major flooding from sandy and both runways will be open for business. travelers are being asked to contact the the airline. >>> coming up, a man becomes a human hood ornament in a parking lot, this all over a fight for a parking spot. we'll tell you about the charges the driver faces. >> and a zombie expert giving tips on how to prepare for a zombie pandemic, he says it's going to happen so we'll hear what he has to say when we come back. >>> we have some health news for you this morning. a new study questions the use of drugs for pregnant women who may be
will remain nice and clear from parkville up towards towson. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic over to you. >>> he was watching television when someone knocked on his door. >> what happened next caused a marine to grab his weapon and open fire. >>. we will tell you how the police found him. >> hello, kitty and elf on the shelf. the reason the balloons took to the skies over the weekend. >>> we are a couple minutes away from 5. a hero's welcome for a young boy about to undergo serious procedures. he arrived to his adopted cityhe has to have a blood transplant. a party was organized to welcome him that touched the family. >> when someone helped-- is helping save my son's life and i can't thank them enough. >> maynard is getting the transplant with bone marrow by an anonymous donor. >>> some of us can't start the day without it. but that morning cup of joe could be a thing of the past. >> the threat climate change could be having on coffee. good morning maryland at 5 begins right now. >> are's watching the station that works for you, now good morning maryland. >>> it's veterans day. an
incident in towson. 2500 people shut down part of york road and side streets. documents reveal an outland police force and how they struggled to get control of the crowd. david collins joins us with the latest. >> we finally get the full picture of what happened. police and officials described it as an isolated incident. some claimed the owners of the theater did not do enough to avoid endangering public safety in the neighborhood. outman and under orders to make as few arrests as possible, the police encountered violent roving mobs and partygoers under a cloud of marijuana smoke on your group. 1500 people shut down the road and sidewalks. this was only the first wave of trouble. police from four precincts, the investigative unit, violent crime unit, maryland state police, and university officers attempted to take control. numerous calls to 91 revealed police have their hands full. >> i need the police immediately. >> the library? >> medical attention. >> they used canines to push the crowd southdown york road. according to just released reports, the problem started when the theater began
counts, he could face 30 years behind bars. >>> virginia man who killed a towson university student in a drunken hit and run will spend five years in prison. he pleaded guilty to manslaughter and other charges following the death of matthew which which which he matthew. he will get five years of probation once he is released. >>> three out of four members of the school police union in baltimore city have no confidence in their chief, no vote was taken last month, many of the types of votes have everything to do with paying benefits this doesn't. the union's labor negotiators say they have everything to do with how the department is run. >> that's not something to take lightly. when you see them, they are generally -- means in the police world that really had nothing left to lose. they just have to do something. >> specifics of the complaint are held close to the vest. the administration had no comment. both expected to meet this month. >>> continuing our coverage of the water main break on charles street, a chunk of the street is shut down. north avenue, westbound, re- opened, peo
-7, towson at the break. starting the third quarter. dominick booker. go ahead. go right, go left, shake once. it is on. 77 yards. 27-7. in the fourth quarter, townsend in front of rhode island. senior day. the 91st meeting between the two. this one all bluejays. hopkins taking a 14-0 lead. goes 7 yards. taking it all out. 2nd quarter. 24 yards. nice desperate johns hopkins finished the regular season 9 and 1. high school football -- nice. johns hopkins finished the regular season 9 and 1. high school football. one last college football story. one that may leave a lasting legacy. maybe it is overblown. the texas tech coach frustrated during the game with kansas slaps the assistant coach, knocking his headset to the ground. it looks bad on tv. not acceptable behavior. he got the coach's attention during don't know what may happen because of that move. we will wait and see. >> tomorrow, mostly sunny. mount. 63-67. here is the 7 day forecast. tomorrow is great. monday is ok. rain chance monday night. still in the 60's. is a, kind of rainy. tomorrow is great. get out and enjoy it. [captioning mad
. >> an honors student at towson and an incredible swimmer here. >> the fact that i can get in the water and always come out a champion shows i have tried my best. >> it shows inside and outside the pool. >> by the end of the high school i want to make it to u.s. national and by 2020 the olympic trials. >> we asked name all the owe vents you swim in. >> 400 -- 200, 50 free. 100ly. 000 i. the 500 free. >> he's better than good. kyle rivers is this woke's bel air honda student of the week. >> i want to talk more about this young man. after our interview was over and the camera shut down, he had one more thing to say. this was about the death of a classmate and fellow swimmer lewis lohan thal. our camera came back on to record keel's thoughts. >> last week a classmate of mine passed away and he was a swimmer. lately i've been thinking about him as i get into the wart and i want to continue to excel. >> that's kyle rivers right there. if you know a student athlete has deserving as kyle, we want to hear about it. go to who knows, you could end up seeing them here. >>> sp
in the towson area. it will take you 17 extra minutes from the inner loop down to 9345. we have a crash in anne arundel county. it will be at the off ram. that's a look at your time saver traffic. >> let's take a look at that. you're looking at a live picture of the scene. there's a pop. there now we're worried about the temperatures dropping when the sun went night, night, right? >> let's let over to roosevelt leftwich and joce sterman. >> reporter: we began to hear the jack hammering. the bge crews have been working on the gas lines. that's a real cause for concern. >> the water in this particular intersection -- you have water mains, smaller ones, the gas lines, electric lines. they want to be careful. you can see it's a trickle as the water is coming out. there's still a lot of water out, many millions of gallons. >>> let's take a look. it's right here at 20th and charles. it's running like the susquehanna. it was first thought there with be problems with the train station but that didn't happen. as they were walking around and saw all this water, they didn't know what to think. >> i looked
bay girl who lost her life to cystic fibrosis. and we're live in towson telling bus the miracle tie day. anyone can buy these ties. >> they are sold at joseph a bank. we're here at the mall joining us. were you here this last year. you are wearing a wonderful tie. >> the most popular on, the purple one for you know who, the ravens. >> reporter: tell us about the ties, this is something that you do every year. >> every year. >> reporter: the proceedings help the children's center. wean we sell a tie 100% goes to the kids. >> reporter: you have been involved, you -- >> when we sell a tie, 100% goes to the kids. >> reporter: you have been involved what does it mean? >> i have been to the hospital, i toured it and i do this every year. we have different kids that means they're being healed. it is too muchky not talk about it because i get upset about it. >> reporter: it is a great thing today is miracle tie day. everyone should wear it. if you don't have one where can you find tut. >> most joseph banks stores have them. we have the 79.50, we have them. you will get one on liney was look
's a beechwood road in towson - nd - in ddndall. by one tte wrong 3 adddess in a g-p-s... or incorrectly ead a map... and you'll end up on the narrrw, &pooe-way stteet... that runs through idlewylde. drivers get ssuck there and hee have to turn around. < "a lot of these drivers tell us theyyve been up all night, they're tired... they looo for a quicker route." this is a very hilly neighborhooo... them diilodged rom yards."> theetrucks have caused several hundred dollars in damages.... knocking down fences... tearing the covers off water lines... ann scrapingguttlity poles.but the county is renamed the "otherr bbechwoodd road. and they're going too post warning signs soon. melinda rooder - fox 45 news at 5:30. how are the roads looking tonng? our traffic edgg report. report. maplibertymapshawwn395map p, stop yoursslf from getting sick.... 3 &pdoctor..... the quickest way to knock out a cold...... and notice symptoms. 3 get ouu, i got a gun." (gunshots) 3 can shoot each ther.... how s - it prepares you or real life scenarios.... and tth reason its so popular a
or call now for your personal retirement review. >> a special group of towson university students will get to graduate with degrees in middle school. it is the only program of its kind in the state. >> this program is the perfect fit for college seniors who prefer to teach students in this sometimes turbulent middle grades. >> i am left with w = 5. >> some hands-on training. >> lynch is one of ten students who agree to become certified in middle school education. >> i knew there was not going to be a lot of jobs for me so i was looking for ways to make my degree look better. >> >> you can be an english science teacher or an english math teacher. we let our students choose whichever sequence they want. >> i like the independence that you see in middle school. there are far more independent than elementary school students but they do not have the cynicism of high schoolers. >> students are trained on the spot by mentors. >> they have to like what they're doing and like the children and make good choices and help kids make better choices. >> they spend a semester learning in school setting an
. . the cows and tigers finishing with a four-game winning streak -- the towson tigers winning. no one wanted to face them in the postseason. for some reason, they were snubbed by the selection committee with a 7-4 record. the coach said the best 20 teams in the country are not paying for a trip to japan that the fact -- are not play and. the hall of fame tournament final tipoff. a three-point play within seconds. leading loyola over albany. this just in -- congratulations to nascar. w=!nño >> i want to give a shout out to the best team in the world. baltimore ravens. >> task force dragoman. a special shout out to the best football team -- the baltimore ravens. go ravens. >> serving in afghanistan saying go ravens. >> love it, love it. one last check on the weather? >> a lot of clouds in the next few days. maybe some rain south of us. and is giving day looks a great. we will make it to around 50. -- since giving it a day looks great. >> stay tuned for "ravens account ballot -- countdown." have a good night. here you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about
this morning. right now temperatures the main story. 43 in towson. 43 in annapolis. 4345 in east -- 45 in easton. warmer earlier today. we're getting set for a clear night. look to the west. not a lot of new weather in our direction for the moment. so hour hour 30s and -- hour by hour 30s and we'll talk about how things mr -- will develop into sunday. >>> an atf and baltimore city police raid of four homes in west baltimore. >> today we got a new look at some of the clues in the case. brian kuebler continues to develop the story. explain how the core reowe
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